OpenStack with FreeBSD

Recently, I come across NFV Express through the FreeBSDNews article.  The installation code is already openly available on Github.  At the first glance, the code is so amazing to be clean!  (You definitely should look at them if you know programming.)  When there is time, I will try them with my stack of FreeBSD computers…

Openstack is used to be Linux-centric, yet it is mostly written in Python scripts.  Theoretically, it is possible to make it running on any capable platforms… if you do not hate working with Python scripts.

Sorry for this short article.  This is indeed just a reminder for me to follow up.  🙂

Update on 4 Apr 2017: the tool requires Xen to be installed.  I tried installing it on the new computer but UEFI is not supported.  I am going to schedule another older computer to try.


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