LVDS Display with Industrial Motherboard

I am one step closer to build an all-in-one Computer, without using prefabricated cases.  I got an industrial ThinITX motherboard from ToStar (China).  The special thing about this motherboard is that one can install an memory module and a hard drive without any cables.  There is a built-in power converter so that it only takes one external DC power input.  There are multiple onboard network ports so it can act as an router, too.  To be frank, it is even neater than a Mac Mini!

Now, finally one thing that cables are involved: it comes with a 30-pin LVDS display port and a 6-pin display backlit power supply.  (For more information about the LVDS cables and theories, you can have a reference from the LCD4Hobby.)  After installing the transformer and the cables in a strange way (i.e., hide them nicely between the gap of components), here is the result.

The most difficult part is to get it configured in the BIOS.  I need to use an external display to specially turn on the LVDS signal.



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