Network Booting FreeBSD

Installing an operating system is easy for a computer or two.  What about installing for multiples of them?  In some situations, one wants to save money and time from buying that many boot devices and maintain the disk images separately.  Network boot comes handy.  It is relatively easy with FreeBSD, especially since we do not … Continue reading Network Booting FreeBSD


Customising FreeBSD

In this article, I share my my usual customisation steps to a fresh FreeBSD installation.  FreeBSD is very minimal, but one can definitely even go further.  These steps are similar to Charray's approach to FreeBSD 8, and they are updated for FreeBSD 11 with the software RAID skipped. Major Edited on 2 Feb 2017: Fixing the … Continue reading Customising FreeBSD

Starting with FreeBSD on the Cloud

This article describes how one can get some FreeBSD virtual instances on the Internet quick.  For cost-saving, Vultr, which charges hourly, is used.  The exercise will finish within an hour or two. Objectives Start some FreeBSD instances Experiment some configurations Setup password-less logins Step 0: Why (and why not) FreeBSD FreeBSD is an operating system. … Continue reading Starting with FreeBSD on the Cloud