Checklist of a Computer Case

(Updated on 9 May 2018 for hard drives and cooler space.) Here are my brief notes on what to think when getting a computer case: Motherboard Size:  There are quite a few options, ATX (better expansion), MicroATX (good expansion and smaller footprint), Mini-ITX (very compact), etc.  Think carefully how much you will expand in the … Continue reading Checklist of a Computer Case


What can Go Wrong Building a Computer from Parts

Recently, I get itchy and wanted to build a gaming machine.  (Not running BSD, sorry)  Originally, I was thinking buying a Kaby Lake-based Intel Pentium G4560.  I was greedy and wanted a ECC capable motherboard.  The cost spiralled quickly close to a secondhand CPU-motherboard set with Intel Xeon E5-2670.  This particular Xeon processor model has a meaning … Continue reading What can Go Wrong Building a Computer from Parts