Getting FreeBSD Jail to Run

In this short article, I discuss the way to run a full-blown FreeBSD jail, with some common tunings to get it more "normal". Assumptions I assume the host has two network interfaces.  The "vtnet0" is Internet-facing and "vtnet1" is the intranet, where the jail will be running on.  This way, the jail does not have … Continue reading Getting FreeBSD Jail to Run


Installing FreeBSD without the Installer

Here are the steps to install FreeBSD without a installer (here is the one using installer, and here is the one appending packages later on).  First of all, one will need a minimum boot media to boot (maybe a USB flash drive) and get into a shell environment. Creation of the volumes, boot sector and … Continue reading Installing FreeBSD without the Installer

Appending Distribution Files after Installing FreeBSD

Previously, it was discussed how to install FreeBSD with the installer.  In the Question 4, The installer allows administrators to select what distribution to be installed – 32-bit compatibility libraries, source code, debug symbols, etc. Sometimes, maybe due to a mistaken omission, or maybe due to a new purpose, more distribution files have to be … Continue reading Appending Distribution Files after Installing FreeBSD

Installing FreeBSD from Scratch and Reinstalling the Boot Loader

There are cases the default image does not suit for one.  In this exercise, I practice installing FreeBSD version 11 from scratch.  I go beyond the standard procedure by partitioning the drive manually with commands. This is to leave space I can create partitions purely for payload later.   (If you just want to go automatic, … Continue reading Installing FreeBSD from Scratch and Reinstalling the Boot Loader