My Thoughts

It has been two months since I posted my last post, which is about the GEOM gate mechanisms.  Recently, I have been sidetracked to other activities like speculating in bitcoins, Portuguese language games, etc. I fell in love with FreeBSD and Mac OS X at my age 17.  Well, to be precise, some geeks pushed … Continue reading My Thoughts


Picking a Cloud Provider

Here are some of my suggestions about picking a cloud provider.  I will mostly cover the billing cycle and the network metering.  As time goes on and more articles are ready, there will be more links and contents in this page. Billing Cycle Users have to pay in order to deploy virtual machines on the … Continue reading Picking a Cloud Provider

Welcome to Virtualisation Works

Welcome to Virtualisation Works.  In this webpage, I write weekly articles on working and playing computer virtualisation technologies. Most of the articles will be about using FreeBSD virtual machines, firstly with public cloud providers and later with the bhyve technology.  In case you ask, there are already enough articles about using another (you name it) operating system. … Continue reading Welcome to Virtualisation Works