Minecraft on OpenBSD

My friend asked me for a new Minecraft Server.  It is time to revisit how to do it.  To make it fun, I picked another operating system, OpenBSD.  As usual, I picked Vultr (affiliated link) for spawning the system. Preinstalled Environment With a few mouse clicks, one can get a virtual machine running OpenBSD uneventfully.  There … Continue reading Minecraft on OpenBSD


Minecraft with Java and Tmux on FreeBSD

A virtual world cannot be complete without a virtual reality environment like Minecraft.  In this article, I quickly go through the steps setting a Minecraft server with FreeBSD.   Specifically, I will be installing a Spigot Minecraft Server.  I like it very much because it comes with lots of performance optimisations.  I assume you prepared your environment … Continue reading Minecraft with Java and Tmux on FreeBSD