FreeBSD 12 is Coming

As you may have heard elsewhere, FreeBSD 12 is coming. Two of the features are getting my interest... Parallel NFS: FreeBSD 12 will be able to provide NFS through the pNFS protocol. In essence, there will be one metadata node and multiple object data storage nodes. (It sounds too similar to an L word with … Continue reading FreeBSD 12 is Coming


Network Booting FreeBSD

Installing an operating system is easy for a computer or two.  What about installing for multiples of them?  In some situations, one wants to save money and time from buying that many boot devices and maintain the disk images separately.  Network boot comes handy.  It is relatively easy with FreeBSD, especially since we do not … Continue reading Network Booting FreeBSD

Network File System with Firewall in FreeBSD

Network file system nfs(8) in FreeBSD is built on top of rpc(3) infrastructure where rpcbind(8) daemon is responsible binding the services for the clients.  Together with the companion services rpc.lockd(8), rpc.statd(8), and mountd(8), providing the total service with a firewall is tricky since the ports are different all the time.  In addition, sometimes the services are better to … Continue reading Network File System with Firewall in FreeBSD

Highly Available Network File System

In the previous article, we discussed the way to create a highly available block device by replication.  We continue and attempt making a network file system (NFS) on top of it.  We first discuss the procedures to start and stop the service.  Then we have the script...  Some parts are deliberately missing due to my conflict … Continue reading Highly Available Network File System